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Diagnostic Background

Let's first dispel the myth that is commonly banded around by some in the Motor trade that there is a single diagnostic machine which is able to carry out diagnostics on every vehicle that exits. That machine does not exist. Extracting fault codes is only the start of the diagnostic process. This should be followed up by following a guided diagnostic plan that compares actual values to expected values. Changing parts just because there is a fault code recorded against it and then sending the customer to the Main Dealer because the fault has not been rectified is not a diagnostic plan that we at FitnFix Auto recognise.

Excluding Euro 5 diagnostics (which we will come to in a moment), we at FitnFix Auto have seven different diagnostics tools that we use. Why seven? Well each machine has its stregnths and weaknesses on different vehicles, and if you are serious about fixing a vehicle accurately and on the first time, then this approach is the best way forward. 

Euro 5 diagnostics is the latest technology which involves the Garage connecting your car to the manufacturer via the internet. Software updates, technical bulletins, guided diagnostics, wiring diagrams and known fixes can all be accessed. This technology comes at a cost with the manufacturers charging for use of their website services. However, with many faults now being solved by software patches, this technology is no doubt the best way forward. Currently FitnFix Auto is actively using Euro 5 diagnostics for VW, Audi, Skoda, Seat, BMW, Toyota, Jaguar/ Landrover, Peugeot, Citroen, Renault, Honda, Ford, Vauxhall and Kia with more to come in the near future. 


Diagnostic prices - £50 (plus VAT)

Initial diagnostic check includes:

We will carry out full scan of vehicle network, extracting fault codes and recording results on print out. Includes half hours labour for initial evaluation of results and planning the next stage or quoting for the repair if diagnostics is complete.

Further diagnostics

Our customers will be informed of the initial diagnostic results, and will be informed of the next stage of recommendations. We will quote on the time required for the next stage and the appropriate labour charges. As our customer your will always be in control of the purse strings, and if you wish to stop at any point we not only ensure this is done, but that you are provided with all the documentation and information that is avaialble at that point in the process.


Initial diagnostic charge - £80 (plus VAT)

We will carry out full scan of vehicle network, investigate known fixes, software updates and establish if guided diagnostic path is available for fault.

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