10% off for OAPs

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10% off for OAPs

Here at FitnFix Auto we understand running a car can be difficult on a pension and that’s why we have introduced our 10% discount offer to senior citizens.

Unfortunately this offer does not apply to already discounted items such as an MOT or seasonal special offers. This offer is not applicable to MOT but is applicable to Service and MOT prices. 

We will be very grateful if you can let us know whether you qualify for the discount when you drop your car off.



FitnFix Auto’s definition of OAP is a man or woman over the age of 65.

Cannot be claimed in conjunction with any other offer or discount.

Parts that are available only from the main dealer or specialist and offer FitnFix Auto no discount will be excluded from the offer. The customer will be notified before the part is fitted as long as we are aware that you wish to claim the discount at that point.

Discount cannot be claimed retrospectively after the vehicle has been paid for and collected.

It is the responsibility of the customer to notify us that they wish to claim the discount.

This is a genuine offer and we appreciate that some of you may be suspicious and not wish to divulge your intention to claim the discount until the last minute. That’s fine, just please understand that it is time consuming to credit and reinvoice work when you collect especially at busy times of the day so we would appreciate you letting us know at your earliest convenience.

FitnFix Auto may ask for proof of qualification at our discretion.

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